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Welcome to Keep the Fire Burning

I believe that we all know who and how we’d truly like to be in this world, but that we don’t pause long enough to listen, explore and then live that way; or, we don’t trust that it’s possible.  The purpose of this blog is to support us all in becoming the human beings we’re longing to be for ourselves and for each other.  In that way, we can create the world our innate wisdom knows is possible.

A Little Background

About seven years ago I fully committed to explore what we’ve all heard in one form or another:  that there is a Divine intelligence that knows better than I what is possible for my life.  My life had already been pretty darn good and interesting (see About), but I wasn’t excited about what was in front of me:  more of the same.  I had this sense that I wasn’t living MY life; I wasn’t being ME.  I felt unsettled and what kept calling to me was to pursue a life that would be informed by this higher intelligence that supposedly knew more than I.

My rational brain is highly developed, but my ability to tap into this higher consciousness, that I believe houses incredible wisdom and possibilities for the future, was not very developed.  I wanted to connect deeply with that Source, or knowing; universal intelligence, infinite wisdom and higher consciousness are all other names for that.

I have devoted myself to that path; I want that guidance.  And, I was just so curious about what that might be!

As a result, I’ve been in a form of hibernation and incubation.  I’ve been observing myself, listening to my Spirit and calling for Divine guidance.  By the way, this has nothing to do with religion!

My coaching and consulting work have continued, and my bills are always paid.  I live quite well and even helped my mom during her last years.  I mention this because if you’re like me, you fear you might have to live in some level of poverty to pursue this path.  I’ve found that is not necessary.

Along the way I’ve had wonderful, wonderful clients who have been willing to “play” with some of my ideas and models.  And, like me, they’ve experienced a deeper relationship with their own Spirit, inner guidance and knowing, as well as their own gifts.

My incredible teachers, coaches and friends have provided phenomenal support.  It has become clear that the next step in this journey is to begin sharing what has been emerging.  We’ll see where it all goes.  Thank you for participating by reading this!

Over the years most of my new beginnings occur in the spring, so it is more than fitting that this web site is being launched and services being offered in these expansive ways at this time.  Thank you to my web designer, Terry Laslo, for the beautiful picture of blossoming flowers, an apt metaphor.

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