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We Tell People Who We Are with Our Being

Without even saying a word, we are “telling” people who we are.

I was watching the second episode of The Old Man with Jeff Bridges on FX when Bridges’ character was sharing with another character some wisdom he had learned as he was cooking her a special dish.  He spoke to the difference between talking about who we are and how our being is always revealing who we are. 

(Note: I am sharing how these insights impressed me, so the scripted scene might not match!) 

We reveal who we are silently in how we go about our doing in our lives. With everything. With the care we show or don’t show.

I’ve heard that concept expressed in similar ways and was moved to review how I am doing in that regard. 

I say I want to express myself as a loving being. That would mean writing this piece with love – not just the words, but as I’m typing and with my internal experience.

When I cook. (Not my favorite thing to do, so I’m often a bit impatient and distracted and going through the emotions.) Be and move lovingly here. Fill my food with love. Check.

In conversations with people. 

While walking.

As I turn the page in a book. 

I often find myself eating fast. As soon as I notice what I’m doing, I slow myself down. I have NO IDEA where that came from, and it doesn’t matter anyway, just some long-held habit. What’s the rush? What is that expressing? Knowing the answer isn’t important, but it’s the observation that gives me the chance to choose differently. To be and act aligned with what matters most to me. Eat more lovingly. Check. 

What would people know of me if all they did was be around me? If I never said anything? If they never said anything? If we were together in silence?

Bridges’ character also offered that talking can be a distraction. We usually pay attention to the words rather than our experience when we are with another. 

We have an opportunity in all of our activities, conversations and relationships to express in our way of being what matters most deeply to us. In doing so, we release that energetic experience into the Universal field. We share it with others, as we personally experience it as well, without saying a word. 

We don’t have to let circumstances dictate what we feel.

We don’t have to wait for circumstances to change in order to experience the peace, love, happiness, fulfillment and freedom that is our essential nature. We already are that. We can live and express that. 

These days I’m also using a mantra of sorts, saying “love” silently to remind me who I am, deepen that experience and help me express as love. 

“Silence, I discover, is something you can actually hear.”

  • Haruki Murakami
Taking It from Here

1) Without changing anything and if no words were said, what would people know about you?

2) After several days of observing what you notice in responding to question number 1 above, what, if anything, will you choose differently?

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