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The Freedom of Uncertainty

I had a very humbling experience last week. I thought I knew a lot about a subject, i.e., that I was fairly expert with it.

I was talking with another person who works in the same field that I do, and we were sharing our understandings about some teachings related to our work.

I realized in that discussion that I had a huge blind spot that I had totally missed. I felt fear, anxiety, uncertainty. Although it was a painful experience, I was very grateful. Very grateful. The Universe seems to bring to us opportunities to notice what is out of alignment with our true nature. And if we’re open to it, we can then do the work to release what is no longer needed to be able to experience and express our essential nature of love, peace, happiness, One with all that is.

I accepted this gift and as I explored this missing piece, I began asking new questions, different questions. I also realized that one of the reasons I had this blind spot was because I was trying to be certain. I had convinced myself that I was seeking these answers because I truly want to help other people and serve humanity so that we can have the world that our hearts know is possible. That is true, but I also REALLY wanted to be certain!

That search for certainty – the joke is on me – is actually inconsistent with life. This moment – or now – has never occurred before. There is NO WAY to be certain with the next moment.

We have been conditioned to want to have answers and especially the right answers: to make those good grades, to get those degrees. There is, of course, a place for that. Yet that is what many of us think that learning is: having answers.

What if learning is not seeking answers, but asking questions and exploring the wonder of life?

In seeking answers, the emotion that we’re seeking is certainty. And, if we look further, certainty is a version of security and that is a version of peace.

Paradoxically I’ve been seeking peace in answers through information. Yet I already am what I seek. My essential nature is peace.


I am working to live as my essential nature, and I missed that I was taking myself away in experience from my essential self.

What I really want is to feel aligned with, to feel in harmony with life, to feel alive, to fully express myself. To fully express myself in every moment means not being certain ahead of time but being so present that I can allow what wants to express to do so. To be open to whatever is in front of me right now.

Could that possibly be one of the reasons there is so much unhappiness and fear right now? We think we want certainty, yet certainty is a form of dead-end, a jail cell.

Most of us I believe really want freedom, to experience purpose and meaning, which is who we truly are – the Infinite Universe, Infinite Potential.

True freedom and aliveness is being able to ride the waves of life. To freely, i.e., without resistance, allow the Universe to express through us.

To live with the knowing that who we essentially are is peace/security in an uncertain world – to live with the aliveness inherent in that.

Questions to Ponder:

Can I live in uncertainty?

Can I be open to what the Universe is revealing to me and inviting me to rather than what my limited, finite mind wants to know?

Can I explore wonder rather than seeking answers? If so, how will I do that?

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