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Experience the Freedom to Live YOUR Life!
Not the One Expected by Society.

The call is inviting you home. To who you truly are.

To be who you are.

This program is also about leadership and being a stand to live your essential nature: Love, Peace, and Happiness.

Our free 5-day workshop series (with additional bonus sessions) will guide you to:

Take the next step to join with others prepared to Know Themselves, to live what wisdom and nondual teachers have revealed to us for thousands of years, and what Quantum Physicists are also confirming: we truly are all made of Awareness, or Consciousness –   All One Being.

Join us for free Monday June 22 at 1 p.m. EDT

Peggy was my first coach and instructor in the management coaching certification program I completed. She is masterful at designing, teaching, and coaching. I've known Peggy since 2001 and can say she honestly cares and walks her talk. She is constantly seeking the edge of conventional wisdom and bringing her brilliant mind to uncover new ideas and realities. When you are ready to step up your game by being at the leading edge of our current understanding of what it means to be human in this new version of the world we are in, then you want to be in Peggy's circle.
I have known and worked with Peggy for many years. The work we’re doing now revealed a profound desire to discover who I really am – in a way that goes beyond concepts into a lived reality. As my experience of that knowing deepens, my personal and business goals have become much more meaningful and inspiring. I have always loved owning the Camellia Inn and serving my guests, but it felt like I was running a business as distinct from expressing my essential self. I have a renewed commitment to my success and my service to others, because now I experience my business as a true expression of my happiness. From my perspective, any occasion to connect with Peggy when she’s presenting this material would be a don’t-miss opportunity.

Who is Peggy O’Neal?

I heard my first call when I was about 12; it was,
“life doesn’t have to be this way.”
I could only make sense of that and how to live based in
our current cultural context of separation.
Wanting to impact life in a positive way, I practiced law, including positions as an Assistant Attorney General and Arkansas State Purchasing Director for Bill Clinton when he was Attorney General and Governor, respectively. I also worked for the Federal Labor Relations Authority in President Clinton’s administration.
Later, with certifications from two coaching organizations, I facilitated the professional development of thousands of people,
personally and professionally, all over the world.
Yet a gnawing, inexplicable dissatisfaction lingered and eventually precipitated drastic action; I closed my coaching business and sought employment elsewhere. It didn’t feel “right” to sell coaching services when I wasn’t happy.
In 2017 I immersed myself in the study of wisdom traditions and nondual teachings as well as the scientific studies that align with those understandings.
Embodying the wisdom that we actually are not separate, but one indivisible awareness, resolved my dilemma; I learned who I truly am and do my best to live in alignment with that knowing.

Now I guide others to know and live as who they truly are.

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