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Our Innate Wisdom Can Guide Us

As I practiced focusing my intention on listening for guidance, things started getting interesting.

Almost every day I walk outside; some days I plan what I will do that day or think about an upcoming meeting with a client. Most days, though, I invite my rational mind to rest and allow my intuitive self to be open and vigilant to whatever might want to come to me. Another way to think about this is that I’m listening for what Spirit or the Universe might want to share with me or bring to my attention.

A few years ago, as I was walking in my neighborhood, listening, this concept came to me: the world – and specifically the domain of business – could use wisdom leaders, or leaders who are wise. It wasn’t exactly clear, but I got the general idea. At the same time, the birds went crazy, loud with their chirping. I told myself – and the Universe – ok, I’m listening!

As I’ve allowed myself to be guided in the exploration of wisdom, it’s become more obvious to me that the future of leadership, both in business and our personal lives, is related to the development and enhancement of our natural wisdom.

We all have become incredibly intelligent, learned and skillful at accessing and applying the world of information. There’s another world: the one of Universal guidance and intelligence. Many of us have just started accessing that world, that dimension. It’s a very exciting one, as it’s full of fascinating ideas, surprises and possibilities that don’t come to us by “thinking” or trying to figure things out. They come by opening to the unknown, trusting and listening with all of our senses.

Our future – including the future of business – depends on our relationship with that world of wisdom. It’s a dormant spark in each of us that can be fanned to become clearer, brighter and more intense until it’s actually a radiant fire. As we each enhance our capacity to connect with infinite wisdom and follow through with its guidance, we can live the lives we are inspired to live and bring about the world our heart is longing for. Business leaders and the domain of business in all of its aspects are not exempt, and, in fact, your engagement with your innate wisdom in matters related to your organizational, professional and work lives is essential.

In our next blog, we’ll explore that spark of wisdom, some varieties of wisdom and what it might mean to catalyze that spark to fire.

Note: The picture of the bird is also from my web designer; thank you, Terry.

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