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Live Your Purpose and Allow Your Unique Calling to Be Revealed 

I invite you to consider the possibility that our true purpose is to be happy (contented, feeling complete), fulfilled, loving and peaceful, i.e., to live life fully! With that as our purpose and foundation, we can proceed to allow our unique calling to be revealed to us. I often refer to our unique calling as Unique Divine Expression.

What might come up about now are the considerations that we often let get in the way of exploring our unique calling:

      • What will I do to make money?
        • Either what you are doing now, albeit with a profoundly different perspective, or something else that you choose to do. And there is nothing about knowing and living as who you truly are that counters having money to live well.
      • Will I leave my job?
        • Possibly and we always have a choice, of course. For me personally, I still do the work I’ve done for years, and all that I learned before I discovered my “true calling” has served me well. It’s that I approach and experience what I do in radically different ways.  
      • Will my family leave me or me them?
        • You will know what to do and who to be.
      • Do I have to be a monk?
        • No, not unless you want to. I did “shut things down” for a while, because I couldn’t find another alternative. My own journey helped me know how to work with others in very practical ways, so they don’t have to make such a leap.
      • How much work and time will this take – if I live my One Precious Life as I’m meant to?
        • I used to ask myself this question, which in retrospect seems so trivial, while at the same time a valid quandary, because IT IS OUR dilemma. I finally surrendered to the call. 

After pondering these questions, many of us return to our daily activities and set the exploration aside. “Someday I’ll get to this. Right now, I have responsibilities.” 

What I found by letting the approach of “waiting until later” dictate is that there was a simmering discomfort, unhappiness, longing, fear that I would never know: who am I and how can I be the loving, peaceful, happy person I feel I am here to be – and do what I sense but don’t yet know what it is for me to do? 

What Henry David Thoreau expressed wasn’t going to happen to me: 

Most men [and women] lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.

I wasn’t going to be one of those “women.” I was going to know my song and sing it!

One day in 2007 I stepped out of my life as I knew it to pursue the quest to get to the bottom of this. I was going to know who I truly was, be happy and loving, and discover and live what I was being called to. 

I had no idea how to go about this, as I had been in the world of personal and professional development, coaching, transformational technology and human potential for twenty years at that point and it was still elusive. 

After some time, my adventure led me to discover three things:

1) That our essential nature is happiness, peace, love and fulfillment. We don’t experience this consistently – although it is always with us, in us, as us – due to our conditioning, beliefs, emotions, patterns. But it is always forever there: it is who we are; we are that. All great wisdom traditions teach this. Our purpose is this: to be happy – live life fully. And as we release our conditioning, we become more and more established in our essential nature.

2) There is a Direct Path to this knowing. My path until then had been one of seeking truth, answers. And there is nothing wrong with that path. For me, however, the seeking led to more seeking. As long as I was seeking, I was seeking. (That’s not a typo. Seeking leads to more seeking or can.) The Direct Path means I’m already “there.”

Here’s a way to think about this. If someone asked you to stand up and take a step toward yourself, in which direction would you move? Yes, you can’t take a step toward yourself because you are already standing as yourself. And you can’t step away from yourself, because you take yourself with you wherever you go.

Once I acknowledged that, i.e., I already am that which I am seeking, then what was left to do was to remove the “veils” fabricated from beliefs, emotions, thinking, speaking, relating, acting, and so on that seemed to keep me away from being my essential nature. What a difference that has made!

Discovering what our essential nature is usually leads to another question: If my purpose is to be happy, and I embody the knowing of that, how do I discover my calling? What is the uniqueness of my being that I am here to express? 

3) To discover our unique calling, our song, we listen – to ourselves, some call it our souls, I call it the Universe, Infinite Wisdom, Source, Spirit, knowing that “it” is me. There is no separation between me and all that is. 

We have all been provided (I believe) throughout our lives what I call breadcrumbs to reveal to us that uniqueness that is only ours to live and express. My first memory of such a crumb was when I was 12 and knew with all of my being that “life” didn’t have to be this way. As with many, my childhood wasn’t the happiest. But I KNEW there was another way. 

Until I knew and began to embody and live as who I truly am, I couldn’t “follow” the breadcrumbs accurately. 

As we listen with the knowing of our OneBeing as all that is, we listen – and hear – in profoundly different ways. Usually, gradually, we come to know our calling. 

The First Steps
  • From my point of view, to know your true calling, it is essential to embrace your essential nature. You might want to read Being Aware of Being Aware, by Rupert Spira.
  • Bring a sincere intention to allow your “song” to be revealed. Your calling is unique to you. Seek the intelligence of your own knowing, or discernment, by “going within.”
  • “Listen.” Maintain a journal where you capture any moments in conversation, insights out of the blue, seeming “messages from the Universe,” phrases in books, and even TV commercials where something catches your attention, you are moved, you are touched, i.e., “connecting within.” Those are your breadcrumbs.

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