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We Tell People Who We Are with Our Being

Without even saying a word, we are “telling” people who we are. I was watching the second episode of The Old Man with Jeff Bridges on FX when Bridges’ character was sharing with another character some wisdom he had learned as he was cooking her a special dish.  He spoke to the difference between talking about who we are and how our being is always revealing who we are.  (Note:… Read More »We Tell People Who We Are with Our Being

Bringing Wisdom to These Times

Bringing Wisdom to These Times

With all that is occurring right now, many of us are Hurting Grieving Feeling vulnerable Afraid Exhausted We might not think it’s ok to admit these feelings – in business anyway. We want it all to end, for things to get better, possibly to turn away. We want our seeming security back. We want answers, direction, healing, a plan. We’re brokenhearted over what is happening to ourselves, those we care… Read More »Bringing Wisdom to These Times

X-Factor Your Business by Exercising Wisdom

For the big decisions in life, you need to reach a deeper region of consciousness.  Making decisions then becomes not so much about ‘deciding’ as about letting an inner wisdom emerge. – Brian Arthur, economist and author of The Nature of Technology, quoted in Source: The Inner Path of Knowledge Creation, Joseph Jaworski, page 13. Business and Personal Cases for Becoming Wise Each of us has access to extraordinary, infinite, abundant and brilliant wisdom. … Read More »X-Factor Your Business by Exercising Wisdom