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Enrich Your Organization As You Enrich Our World

In the last few weeks we’ve all seen and/or experienced devastating horrors — people killing, maiming and mistreating one another. We’ve felt fear and shock and heartbreak as well as courage and empathy. No matter where we live or what our work is, we can influence where we go from here. In fact, it is up to each one of us. President Obama, Dallas Police Chief David Brown and many… Read More »Enrich Your Organization As You Enrich Our World

Welcome to Keep the Fire Burning

I believe that we all know who and how we’d truly like to be in this world, but that we don’t pause long enough to listen, explore and then live that way; or, we don’t trust that it’s possible.  The purpose of this blog is to support us all in becoming the human beings we’re longing to be for ourselves and for each other.  In that way, we can create… Read More »Welcome to Keep the Fire Burning