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Bringing Wisdom to These Times

Bringing Wisdom to These Times

With all that is occurring right now, many of us are

  • Hurting
  • Grieving
  • Feeling vulnerable
  • Afraid
  • Exhausted

We might not think it’s ok to admit these feelings – in business anyway. We want it all to end, for things to get better, possibly to turn away. We want our seeming security back. We want answers, direction, healing, a plan.

We’re brokenhearted over what is happening to ourselves, those we care about, the acts of inhumanity, and the loss of our way of living.

All of these experiences reveal our humanity. They are valid.

Yet, we know something’s amiss – that’s obvious. Not just in this moment, but that there are underlying conditions, beliefs, attitudes, understandings that aren’t consistent with a life of joy, peace, and love, which we all long for. Consider the possibility that we have a deep knowing that we can live in a world like that or we wouldn’t be so bothered by it all. We know.

Our brokenheartedness may be revealing the longing for love, peace, and happiness (or joy, contentment, fulfillment), that all wisdom traditions offer is available to us.

We can ask, “But how do we get from here to there? How do I get from here to there?”

Maybe we get there by knowing who we truly are and then living in alignment with that knowing.

It often takes courage to acknowledge our longing and allow it to lead to the exploration of our essential nature – to ask,

  • Who am I?
  • How do I truly want to live?
  • What is being asked of me? Of us?

Consider the possibility that asking these questions and listening for answers will reveal ways of being and living that support fulfillment, peace, and love.

Perhaps what is being asked of leaders (all of us) at this time is to pause to ask these existential questions.

As we connect more deeply with who we truly are and how we want to live, we become calmer, more present, more compassionate, more innovative, and not surprisingly, happier. Imagine being happier, more loving, and more peaceful with those closest to you as well as with those with whom you work.

With regard to business, it has been proven that happier leaders are more effective leaders and happier salespeople actually produce more sales. That result can lead to happier customers and shareholders and a brighter future for the organization. And, a more loving, peaceful, and joyous world for us all.

Happiness (fulfillment, contentment) may seem like an inappropriate experience to feel right now. But, maybe knowing who we are, living in alignment with that knowing, and experiencing the happiness, love, and peace that we are, i.e., our essential nature, will help us all to heal, to become whole. Our own becoming whole is essential to everything and everyone becoming whole.

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