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Are We Ready for the World We Truly Want?

I watched a television event Sunday night that was created to support the people of Ukraine. A group of Broadway singers ended with “All You Need Is Love.” 

Earlier in the day as I was contemplating how to engage more meaningfully due to grave concerns about the direction of the country in which I live, I picked up a book I had purchased recently entitled I, Citizen, A Blueprint for Reclaiming American Self-Governance, by Tony Woodlief. The last chapter provided “A Manual for American Self-Governance.” He began by offering where one could start “closest to home,” and that was “Love” as in love our neighbors.

The love we are invited to is not romantic love, but an impersonal love, one in which I recognize the other person as another aspect of me as Source/Spirit/Consciousness/Awareness/God’s Infinite Being. The recognition that we share the same Source of our existence and are made out of the same “stuff.” That we are all intimately connected just as all of the cells of our body are (and for the most part they get along pretty well). A sort of delight in another as a unique expression of the same Divine nature of which you and I are made and share. 

What the world needs now is the love that we actually inherently are. 

And imagination.

Neale Donald Walsch offers: The biggest problem in the world is that people don’t know what the biggest problem in the world is. 

It is a belief in separation.

A belief. Not reality. 

Our essential nature is love, peace, happiness and fulfillment. Yes, many of us don’t experience it regularly because we have covered that experience with a focus on beliefs, thoughts, activities, conversations and relationships where we allow that focus to steer us away from who we truly are.

Imagine if today you decided – and I decided – and everyone decided – that from this moment forward I will be who I truly am and express who I truly am.

No one else can choose on our behalf. It is up to each one of us.

I also heard that each person touches 125,000 people during our lifetime. And that was without Zoom! Imagine expressing the love you truly are with each of those human beings! How you are with them influences the future we will experience. 

When we look out of our car windows at the buildings and roads, as we walk through our neighborhoods, go to a business meeting, watch a television show or news, look at our phone screens, what is in front of us is the past. We see the past. When people are in front of us, we see all of our past assessments and experiences of the person. We think “that’s the way it is.” It’s merely what has come before. A manifestation of past imagination, actions, thinking, believing, conversations, doings.

We can imagine another future. 

We want to use our imaginations. That’s what it takes to have a future that isn’t more of the same. We created the world we have; we can bring our enlightened understanding and infinite intelligence that we are in order to create the world and personal lives we deeply desire.

We will still argue and disagree. We are 8 billion people with 8 billion perspectives. That might bring some disagreement and opportunity for exploration!

We argue as two divine beings, not two personalities. We know who they – and we – are, OneBeing. We set aside our judgments about their hair, how they talk, their disgusting idea, their infuriating behavior at the last meeting, my anger, their anger. And see and bring to the foreground the knowing who we both are. We remember the nature of our being and that we are all One, all Source/Spirit. I’m talking to Spirit. I’m talking to myself.

Every time we get on Zoom or call someone we can remember before we start the call. We share the same being. Experience the love we – and they – are before we start the conversation. 

It’s not necessarily easy; I know from experience! But the effort is invaluable. 

Can we love?

Will we imagine?

Will we live as the loving, creative beings we are? 

Let’s love … let’s imagine. 

  • Remember that just as cells in the body impact other cells, every time we interact with another person, we are impacting with the entire Universe. What we do has a ripple effect. 
  • The next time you are annoyed with someone, or they didn’t perform to your (or their) expectations, remind yourself who you and they are: One Divine Being. Connect with the feeling quality of that and engage. You might have to return over and over. 
  • Before you start a meeting, a Zoom session, a phone call, remind yourself who you and the others are and allow the experience to fill your being. 
  • Set aside the focus on the personality and talk with their divinity. You are both waves uniquely expressing yourselves yet arising from the same ocean.

The odds are extremely high that whatever you are characterizing as a problem right now is at its root due to a belief in separation. We can have a free no-pressure conversation to find out and you will have some new ideas for how to proceed by the end of our time together. Email me at [email protected] and offer a few days and times and we will schedule a 45-minute session.

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